Newcastle Weekly Blind Social Club seeking new members

I met today with members of the Newcastle Weekly Blind Social Club at their regular meeting, in Silverdale. Thank you very much to Elizabeth Glover for inviting me to come and join the meeting of the Queen's Award-winning social club.

Halmerend Miners' Welfare Institute

I would like to thank Audley Parish Councillor Mike Joynson for showing me around the Miners' Welfare Institute in Halmerend.

Walley's Quarry - UPDATE

I have now had a response from the Environment Agency to my letter asking them to publish their findings from their study earlier this year.

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick visits Newcastle

I invited Robert Jenrick, Communities and Local Government Minister, to meet me in the town centre today to show him how we would use Government investment to help shops, market stalls and businesses thrive in Newcastle.

We are ON for a General Election

This is probably the most crucial General Election in my lifetime (I wasn’t born in 1979!)

It offers the country:

1. a chance to deliver Brexit and finally honour the referendum result

Up to £25m investment in Newcastle

In September Boris Johnson and the Conservatives announced 100 towns that will receive extra funding to level up opportunities across the country and ensure places like Newcastle can look towards the future with renewed optimism. 

Meeting Lilian Barker at Chesterton's One Stop Shop

I spent this morning with Lilian Barker MBE at the fabulous and Queen’s Award-winning One Stop Shop that she runs in Chesterton with a team of dedicated volunteers. Lilian herself first set up the shop in 2001 - it has been a true labour of love!

Action on Silverdale Landfill

Today I met with Silverdale campaigner Derrick Huckfield and leader of the council Simon Tagg to discuss the issues local residents have been having with the very bad smell emanating from the Silverdale landfill site at Walley's Quarry.