About Aaron Bell

I have lived and worked in Staffordshire for the last 14 years, ever since I was recruited by bet365 in 2006 as a software architect and development manager.

I am proud of the part I have played in the company's success - they contribute a huge amount to our local economy and provide thousands of well-paid and secure jobs. They are also a big export success for the UK and have always paid their taxes.

I am also the co-owner of Newcastle-based financial technology startup DivideBuy. Together with two friends from my village cricket team, I invested my own money in the concept. We started in a tiny office in Burslem but once we had proved our model worked we were able to attract venture capital and move to the Lymedale Business Park in 2015. In December 2018 we secured even more investment and moved to town centre premises on Brunswick Street, where we employ over 40 people.

I am married with three young children, two of which were born at the Royal Stoke, so we both appreciate hugely all that the NHS does for us here in Newcastle. We have both served as school governors in the past.

The chance to serve Newcastle-under-Lyme in Parliament is a tremendous honour and opportunity for me. Along with 63% of Newcastle residents, I voted to Leave the European Union and I am very dismayed that this town has been represented for so long by an MP determined to overthrow that referendum result. Of course, I recognise that as your MP I would be representing everyone in the constituency, but on both a local and national level we simply must deliver what the people voted for.