My 6 Point Plan for Newcastle-under-Lyme

This is My Plan for Newcastle-under-Lyme:

  • Tackling the NHS backlog

    The number of general practice staff in Newcastle-under-Lyme has increased by 46% since September 2019. This means we can cut waiting lists and you will have access to the healthcare you need, when you need it.

  • Improving our local transport facilities & roads

    Together with the Transport Secretary, I'm working to secure more investment for local transport across Newcastle-under-Lyme. This includes a new circular bus route, which will make commuting easier and cheaper. I am also working with Highways England to improve the A500.

  • Tackling antisocial behaviour across Newcastle-under-Lyme

    Working with local people and police, we're tackling antisocial behaviour. So far, we've installed new CCTV across key hotspots in Newcastle-under-Lyme, helping to make our town centre safer for families to visit. I also support issuing injunctions against repeat offenders.

  • Creating high skilled & well paid jobs across the borough

    Work has begun on a new multi-million pound Enterprise Zone in Newcastle-under-Lyme, supported by Government funding. Chatterley Valley West, just off the A500, will see major private sector investment creating up to 1,700 jobs - as one of the biggest investments in our area.

  • Supporting the regeneration of our town centre

    We've secured new £34.6 million in investment to regenerate our town. This means a cleaner and safer town centre. It means improved public transport, with more cycle routes. And it means a new social housing in Chesterton and Knutton, improving the quality of homes for local people.