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Please use the form below to fill out my Newcastle town centre regeneration survey. 

Supporting the Regeneration of Our Town Centre

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Newcastle is soon to benefit from a make-over, backed by the Government’s Future High Streets Fund, from which Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council secured £11 million in 2020. The fund is designed to be used to renew and reshape town centres to drive growth, improve sustainability and create a better experience for shoppers, and, in addition to the York Place redevelopment, Newcastle Borough Council have recently announced an investment of £396,000 from the pot to be used in improving our marketplace.

This includes plans to do-up stalls, and the creation of a central landscaped feature with benches and plants, and there will also be a large digital screen for advertising and screening events. The central part of the marketplace is also to be resurfaced to allow easier access for pedestrians.

I want to hear more about your views and priorities for regeneration in Newcastle, which you can share with me below. 
1.1. Please rank your priorities for regeneration in Newcastle, where the top answer is most important, and bottom is least important Weight
Improving the appearance of public spaces
Making it easier to access areas of the town centre
Redesigning features of the town centre to tackle anti-social behaviour (e.g. improved lighting, removal of vacant market stalls)
Improving parks and recreational spaces for sport and leisure
More convenient parking spots
More shops
1.2. Do you feel that plans for regeneration in Newcastle have been well-communicated to you?
1.3. To what extent do you feel that plans for regeneration in Newcastle address the issues that are important to you?
Not well communicated
Very well communicated