Walley's Quarry - UPDATE

I have now had a response from the Environment Agency to my letter asking them to publish their findings from their study earlier this year.

As you can see from the screenshot they still haven't completed their analysis six months later, which I find very surprising. I will be writing back to complain about the delay. It is my understanding that residents were initially advised that this analysis would be ready by September.

Separately, Red Industries have written to me requesting a meeting, which of course I will accept. But regrettably their letter makes no mention of any complaints or acknowledgement of any odour. I will obviously be raising this with them.

I was out campaigning in Silverdale yesterday afternoon (Ashbourne Drive / Underwood Road area) and I could smell the "rotten egg" odour of hydrogen sulphide. Councillors reported the same from their offices in town.

This is a very real problem for people in the constituency, especially those living nearest to it. It is blighting people's quality of life. You can rest assured that, as your MP, I will be pursuing all avenues to find out the scientific facts and hold the company to their legal obligations.