Science and Technology Committee update

We had another very constructive "virtual" session of the Science and Technology Committee today, taking evidence from the four Chief Medical Officers of the different nations of the UK.

I asked Professor Chris Whitty, CMO for England and the Government's Chief Medical Adviser, about our initial response to the pandemic. And also whether, *with hindsight* and knowledge of how co-operative the population have been with social distancing and other measures, we might have gone to lockdown earlier.

He gave a very extensive answer which highlighted the huge difficulty in this area - and he also stressed in other answers that we will not be in a position to fully assess each country's response until the end of the pandemic. Even with full hindsight it seems likely that the lockdown date would only have been a matter of a few days earlier.

More generally, I am sympathetic to his general point that there is far too much hindsight being applied to the difficult scientific judgments he and his colleagues had to make.